To recruiters and companies,

A successful recruitment of international interns is essential to the development of your company around the world. To expand and explore new Business opportunities, you will need:

Employees with different Backgrounds and from diverse locations

The contribution of an international intern will allow you to get a new and fresh perception on your markets. Indeed, he/she may have a different but meaningful approach.

To be more effective with a multicultural team

While developing your company at an international level, working with someone who masters perfectly the language of the target country may become strategic to overcome the barriers of language during negotiations for example. As each country has its specificities, you can also get a better understanding of the culture, communicate effectively and increase productivity.

To increase your potentiality of Exportation

The diversification of your team is the key to successful export projects. International interns will become an asset by bringing exclusive information from their on-site network and knowledge. You can avoid misunderstandings and mistakes that might deteriorate your image in the target countries.

We can help you find the right candidates effectively and efficiently among a network of multicultural interns and trainees. Benefit from our expertise in international recruitment and externalize with EdFIS.

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