Dear Parents, 

Study abroad could become one of the best and rewarding experience for your child. There are many significant personnal, academic and career benefits to go study or work abroad.

Mastering a Foreign Language

During the journey abroad, your child will integrate a new linguistic environment 24/7. In this new location, he/she will learn a new language and improve rapidly both his written and oral skills.

Discovering a new culture

Your child will discover a new country and an other culture. He/she will have to adjust to a new educational system and a different professional environment.

An enriching human experience

For the first time, your child leaves his home country, his parents and his secured environment for a long journey in a new place, with no one he/she knows. Your child will learn to fend himself/herself and cope, without the direct help of his/her parents, the worries of life. Your child will have to integrate with this new environment and make friends. This will enable him/her to assert his/her personnality and eliminate his shyness.

Trust EdFIS advisors knowledges and experiences abroad

The success of this journey depends on the preparation upstream. EdFIS student advisors will accompany your child throughout the whole process by identify your child personnality and needs, and advise and help him/her choose the right program to ensure a complete and rewarding experience abroad.


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