Study Abroad with EdFIS

EDFIS, Education For International Student, is a unique learning environment for International Students and Adults who are planning to go abroad whether to study and improve their cultural knowledge or to work and develop their experience.

A team of professionals will help you choose between various Language courses, Business Programs, Internships, Trainings in the most trendy places.

You can find more information about us on About EdFIS, Our Philosophy, Our International Network and Why book with EdFIS pages.

Study programs

We have selected and designed the most relevant programs throughout the world that respond to today's globalization opportunities, enabling you to develop strong academic skills to achieve your goals.

New York City

  • ESL Programs
  • Global Business Programs


  • ESL Programs
  • Global Business Programs

Internships Abroad

A successful working abroad experience is very valuable in today's international workplace. You will master a new language in a professional context, develop new skills and improve your expertise in the field. So you will be more competitive than other job hunters.

It has become easy to use our international network to help you find internships throughout the world and in various fields so that you can have the choice to work in well-known companies.


Obtaining a Visa to study or work abroad can become very long and tedious. We are realizing the required formalities to let you more time to concentrate on your final exams or you future tests.

New York City & London

Health & Safety

Leave safe, do not take any risk with your Health. We are providing a Health Insurance Subscription for medical and assistance, recommended for any International Students going abroad. See Insurance page for more information.


To facilitate the organization of your journey, we have designed different packages of services you'll need, according to the different destinations.

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