Going abroad to study or to work is a very exciting idea. Whatever is the duration of your journey, finding a great and secure place to live is essential for its success. But if you are looking by yourself, you will see that looking for the ideal place to live in New York City is not an easy task at all. Indeed, it can become a very frustrating ordeal that could dampen your enthusiasm, and it will put some people off.

With EDFIS, there's nothing to worry! You can leave in peace because we will take care of everything for you.

Student Residence


We have visited every student residence and selected the ones that meet your highest expectations. Student residences welcome people from everywhere around the world in double or single rooms, with many services to facilitate their integration.

A refrigerator, a desk, a chair, a dresser and air conditioning are available in every room. The bathroom and kitchen are shared with other tenants. A cleaning service is included and washing machines are available in the residence. This is the best way to discover the American culture and its unique lifestyle.

Some residences also offer access to a fitness center and swimming pool, located in the residence itself!


Apartment Share


EDFIS is proposing numerous apartments in Manhattan or Brooklyn that can be shared by students. We are also looking for apartments fitting students' desires. We have our own Agents Network locally.

All apartments are being visited by our team members who are already on-site to ensure that the service is suited to your needs. We negotiate the rent, the deposit, agency fees if any, and we are dealing with the administrative tasks. With EDFIS, you have nothing to manage and you are sure to be satisfied.

Furnished Apartments Available From April to September 2013

6 Bedrooms - 174 Broadway
3 Bedrooms - 808 Driggs
4 Bedrooms - 465 Grand 
3 Bedrooms - 465 Grand
4 Bedrooms - 135 Metropolitan
3 Bedrooms - 135 Metropolitan
2 Bedrooms (Family Suite) - 464 Classon Avenue
2 Bedrooms (Top Suite) - 464 Classon Avenue
2 Bedrooms (Garden Suite) - 464 Classon Avenue
2 Bedrooms (3rd Floor) - 17th Street, South Park Slope 



Student Residence Apartment Share
  • 24-hour Security System
  • Total immersion into the American Student world
  • Proposal of touritic activities with attractive prices
  • Full equipment for some residence (gym, swimming pool, library)
  • Numerous choices
  • Adapted to every budget
  • Deposit recover
  • Secured housing that meet the standards
  • For independent students

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