EDFIS Packages - All Services Reunited to help you

For a personalized and full assistance, we have implemented services to help International Students organize their journey abroad.

#1 - The Basic Kit

- Opening of a Bank Account

- US health Insurance

- Student Visa Fees (reimbursed on your US Bank Account)

- Airplane Tickets (round-trip, up to $750, reimbursed on your US Bank Account)


#2 - The Premium Kit

All Package #1 Features

#2A: Placement in a Student Residence (Single or Double Room)

#2B: Roommate Share 

#2C: House Hunting (Studio or 1 Bedroom)

#2D: Apartment to Share


Booking and Payment Information

Send us a request online or send us an email at We would be more than happy to give you more information and help you choose the right package. Once your decision is made, we’ll send you an application form that you have to fill out. For more information, read our booking procedures.

Student Visa Assistance for Students

International Students are required to have a valid passport and to obtain a student visa for the duration of any program. We are helping student through the whole application process. EDFIS reimburse all your expenses in your US Bank Account once open.

Health Insurance

Before your departure, make sure you are in good shape, but also anticipate and take precautions prior to, during and following your time abroad. We are providing a Health Insurance Subscription for a medical coverage and assistance is required for every programs and recommended for any international student going to the United States. Plans offer coverage for hospitalization, emergency evacuation, intensive care and more. All Packages include 6 months insurance. For further details, please refer to the Insurance Description of Coverage.

Manage your Money with the opening of a Bank Account

As you will live overseas for more than 1 month, it is necessary to have your money secure and accessible at any time. With EDFIS, International Students will have the opportunity to open a bank account at the JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank with significant advantages and a welcome gift.

Airplane Tickets Roundtrip

EDFIS reimburse up to $750 in your US Bank Account once open. It will allow you to have money available rapidly.

Student Residence – an easy, safe and flexible solution

International Students travelling with EDFIS are welcome in a friendly atmosphere in a Student Residence located in the Upper West Side, one’s of Manhattan safest neighborhood, with a 24/7 security. Single or double rooms are available. The rooms have WiFi, bed, dresser, sink and fridge. Linens are also provided. You can take advantage of the multipurpose lounge, a large communal kitchen, laundry as well as Internet connected computers. Contact us as soon as possible so that we check the availability. 

Roommate Share – living with a NewYorker, the best way to become a NewYorker

EDFIS is providing the opportunity for International Students to live as a NewYorker whether with NewYorkers themselves or in an apartment they can share with other International Students. Monthly budget: from $750 to $2000 per month. Contact us as soon as possible with your monthly budget and your preferred location to let us start our research.

Apartment Hunting – for International Students wishing to live in a studio or 1-bedroom apartments

We are working closely with a trusted local network to find you the right apartment, meeting all your highest expectations and your monthly budget. Monthly budget: starting $2,000 for a studio. Contact us with your target arrival and departure dates, the preferred location and your monthly budget as soon as possible so that we can start our research.

Apartment to share – for International Students travelling together and willing to share an apartment together

Our portfolio of apartments includes 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedrooms apartments or townhouse, all furnished. Depending on your budget, you can share with your friends an apartment located in Brooklyn, Harlem, or even Manhattan! Contact us with your target arrival and departure dates, the total number of people, the number of bedrooms needed, the preferred location and the total monthly budget as soon as possible so that we can start our research.

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