A unique city

New York City defines itself as a city with many facets, revealing unique atmospheres and different rhythms. The dynamism of the city is apparent when you are observing the behavior of its nine million inhabitants. New Yorkers appreciate to savor Mexican food as well as French, Italian, Korean or Turkish. Sports have a major impact from people are running in Central Park to others who are watching a match on TV or sitting in the Yankee Stadium.

The city that never sleeps

There are many things to see and experience in the city that never sleeps: Shopping on the 5th Avenue and in the neighborhoods of Soho and Nolita, a walk in Central Park, buying souvenirs in the middle of Times Square at night, going to the famous Broadway shows, getting the best view of the buildings of Manhattan at the height of the Empire State Building, visiting one of the many museums spread throughout the City, the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island or the animals at the Bronx Zoo.

A city full of opportunities

Prime target of foreign companies, New York has become a major actor in the United States. Thousands of companies, foundations and cultural institutions have settled there. This is one of the most prominent cities in the world, rich in cultural, educational and professional opportunities.


By studying or working in New York City, students will discover the American culture and the particular Melting Pot of the Big Apple. You will integrate and discover day after day the joys of the American lifestyle.



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